In early summer of 2016, there were a plethora of services being offered to assist migrants and refugees arriving to Hungary. One issue we came across was the insufficient coordination between the organizations and networks offering those services. Our aim was to launch a platform where those organizations can input their relevant activities. Initially, we developed a shared Google calendar, but with the increase in the number of participating organizations we wanted to expand this collaborative initiative. This expand will allow us to be more efficient in delivering the services each organization provides, as well as eliminate confusion and share insight and obstacles facing the Hungarian civil society.

In addition to being a useful tool for partner organizations, this initiative will be beneficial for refugees and migrants as well. The website will allow them to access information ranging from language to legal services and many offers. It will save them precious time as they try to adjust to their new surroundings. One of the main features of the site will be its multilingualism. The content can easily be translated into other languages as needed. In addition to providing information in different language, individuals can rely on visual aids to look up where certain services are being provided.

All in all, this website will serve as a one stop shop for all issues relating to refugees and migrants. As it gets used and feedback received, we will continue to add and improve features as needed. Once fully implemented in Hungary, this website can serve as a model for similar projects to be setup across the region.