Hungarian Helsinki Committee


The Hungarian Helsinki Committee is a public benefit human rights organization that protects human dignity through legal and public activities. We provide help to refugees, detainees and victims of law enforcement violence.


What does it mean that we are a human rights organization?

We often feel vulnerable in the face of the giant state. Many individuals are even more vulnerable, like those living with disabilities, Roma people, foreigners, to name a few. They are usually discriminated against or are simply unable to protect their interests because, for example, they cannot afford attorneys when aggrieved.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee helps those whose human rights the state violated. Our clients are refugees, detainees and discriminated people.

With only a handful of members at the time of founding, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee has grown to an organization of more than twenty professionals by 2015. Our colleagues include lawyers, attorneys, medical doctors, economists, sociologists and journalists as well. In the early years we only focused on free legal assistance and representation while today our portfolio also includes research and professional training activities spanning through a wide range of fields.


Our main areas:

  • Protection of the rule of law
  • Protection of the rights of refugees
  • Monitoring law enforcement activities
  • Protection of the rights of detainees
Contact us

Address: 1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.
Tel./fax: (36 1) 321 4323, 321 4327, 321 4141