Migszol - Migrant Solidarity Group


We are an informal, independent group of Hungarians, immigrants and refugees, and we advocate the realization of political and social rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary. We believe that with efforts from grass-roots, a diverse and tolerant Hungary and Europe are possible. Consequently, we contribute to social change by campaigning against deportation and detention, by raising awareness of rights of refugees and asylum seekers, and by ensuring that our group does not speak for refugees and asylum seekers, but together with them. We work for a Hungary where the label of “refugee” or “immigrant” is no longer needed, and we fight against the notion that people’s identities are determined by bureaucratic categories. Therefore we do not receive financial aid from the European Union, from Hungarian government, from any political party nor company.

Our non-hierarchical and consensus-driven work rests firmly on values of equality between different genders, nationalities,  religions, age and sexuality.