Subjective Values Foundation


An organisation with the mission to combat all forms of racism.


Foundation of Subjective Values

Was established in 2003, working with a five members staff in Budapest, Hungary. Working in a local, national and international level as well. Our yearly budget is over of 200.000 Euros. Our project are mainly sponsored by EU funds or the Hungarian government.


Combating racism, reducing hate and creating a tolerant society.


We have teacher and student trainings about stereotypes, prejudices and racism. Last year we managed to train more than a thousand people in different cities.


Music against racism is a successful campaign, involving musicians and their concerts can reach many people with a trustful voice.


Running several projects for immigrants we raise their voice and we creat a positive image about them int he mainstream media.


It is important to know your target group, we are continuously researching and monitoring right wing extremist groups (focus groups and personal interviews) and their communication (websites, newspapers, television).


As an active member of United network, we are working on to establish a national (neighbour countries included) group, where can share our experiences and build up new cooperations. The organisation is a member of European Network Against Racism and Football Against Racism.